Retail Use Cases

What was the issue ?

Future Group, India's leading retailer, were looking at opening 500 new stores across the country to fight the influence of Online retailing by personalizing the experience of Hyperlocal.

How did we do it ?

Algo8's location intelligence tool, Loc8 helped the retailer bring external catchment data as a context to look at store performance. Through more than a thousand geodemographic data features and powerful machine learning, external catchment data was combined with internal transactional data to give optimal insights to the retailer.

How did it make a difference ?

1. Client saved 9% in the first quarter of Implementation Itself just by Loc8's Predictive Inventory Analysis.
2. 2000 new store locations were predicted across Delhi in 2 months time.
3. Overall revenue and profits increased significantly through Loc8's Dynamic Assortment of Goods.