Having worked with big retailers, we discovered that majority data about their consumers sits outside their databases . Answer to e-commerce retail is hyper-local retail. We also help retailers capture newer data points about their customers which are beyond their transactional world view and frame of reference.

How Algo8 has helped Retailers

Algo8 platform and frameworks for retailers enable them in

  • Big Data Readiness and Data Lake Creation

    Create, Conceive and Implement Big Data enterprise solution to store and curate all type of internal and external data on a single platform, which maintains flexibility, security and scalability for any type of data initiative.

  • Customer Lifecycle Management Analytics

    Creating a 360 degree view of the customer, their profiling, creating a customer story and enabling analytics driven intervation.

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning aaS

    Customised AI and Pattern based learning Solution for contextual application in enterprises. Creation, Conception and Development of use cases in highly secure environments for

    • Profiling the store catchment area through customer information
    • Sub Distribution of Internal Sales on External Data to create Archetypes
    • Prescribe Store Locations as per the above
    • Predict Inventory and Assortment
    • Customised Promotions for all customers
  • Loc8 for Retailers

    An AI driven smart and easy location intelligence tool with advanced machine learning powered geospatial analysis to contextualise external data for decision making.

  • Opini8 for Retailers

    An NLP based brand perception tool, which collates all social chatter about a retailer and its competitors from channels like mail, social media, news etc. Opini8 also enables customer support through NLP.



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