Having worked with Manufacturing companies, we understand the importance of process engineering and how data can be used to transform and recreate processes. We have helped manufacturing companies in consuming the huge IIOT data which they generate in a meaningful way by building advance ML/AI solutions but have also helped them in building their competency in data science and creating processes, structures and policies required to support it

How Algo8 has helped Manufacturing

Algo 8 platform and frameworks for manufacturing services

  • Data Science for leaders

    Change management by enabling decision makers of the company on how data science and AI can open doors for newer opportunities

  • Ad8

    Advise and help create AI roadmap for the Organization. The roadmap included creation of a data science COE , helping organization in hiring the right talent ,formulation of a data governance office

  • Big Data Readiness and Data Lake Creation

    Create, Conceive and Implement Big Data enterprise solution to store and curate all type of internal and external data on a single platform, which maintains flexibility, security and scalability for any type of data initiative.

  • Customer Lifecycle Management Analytics

    Creating a 360 degree view of the customer, their profiling, creating a customer story and enabling analytics driven intervention.

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning aaS

    CustomizedAI and Pattern based Learning Solutioning for contextual application in enterprises. Creation, Conception and Development of use cases in highly secure environments for

    • Process Analytics use case like anomaly detection in final product quality
    • Prediction of lab test result at run time
    • Predictive maintenance for generators , and other complex process machines
    • NLP powered Project Management recommendation system
    • AI Powered demand and supply forecast of finished product as well as raw materia


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