Loc8 SaaS

A location intelligence tool which can combine external data about customers with internal sales data can drive the success of a business outlet

The Overview

Loc8 is a location intelligence tool which uses external catchment data as a context to look at the performance of any business. Through more than a thousand geodemographic data features and powerful machine learning, external catchment data is combined with internal transactional data to give optimal insights to the business. This tool can be used to efficiently identify locations for new outlets as well as for evaluating the performance of the existing ones.

How Loc8 helps

The convenience of online can only be answered by the personalized experience of hyper local.Any outlet dealing with retail customers, be it a grocery store, bank or an F&B outlet will have to be planned according to the customers it is supposed to cater to.But, 90% of the data about the customer lies outside your databases.To resolve this, Loc8 has been designed to do the following:

  • Incorporate the constraints provided by the user into the recommendation model.
  • Give recommendations for where to open the new store in a city.
  • Provide an interactive map based interface to study the area in terms of various data layers leading to decision augmentation.
  • Loc8's On The Fly model evaluation helps in creating what-if scenarios.
  • New location recommendation is made based on the above which suggests the potential locations and filters out the bad ones.

Product Features


Incorporate new data streams, internal or external which can help you get a better picture of your customer : demographics, psychographics, purchasing power, preferred channel, etc.

All geographies

Applicable/Customizable to all types of cities and regions of the country.

Intelligence Augmentation

Helps in making a data driven decision by providing functionalities to create what-if scenarios and apply filters, while handling all statistical complexities on the backend.